Pressure is mounting on the Project Director of “The Ambassadors of Free SHS”, Samuel Baah popularly referred to as GOSH, to account for monies extorted from some persons in the Suhum Constituency of the Eastern region.

Some constituents are accusing “GOSH” of misappropriating funds collected from some prominent persons such as the MP for the area, Frederick Opare-Ansah, Michael Luguje, Director General,Ghana Ports and Habours Authority amongst others.

In a statement signed by the Special Aide to Mr. Opare-Ansah, Ernest Lartey accused “GOSH” of extorting monies from persons from both sides of the political divide to suit his parochial interest.

The statement said “Due to his wanton and demonic love for money, he has set up a bogus organisation called “Ambassadors of Free SHS” and using that as an Avenue for extorting and exploiting naive prominent persons of money for his malicious intent”.

It added “A living testimony is when he organised some SHS students from Suhum to visit Parliament on the theme “Visiting your Working MP” of which Mr. Opare-Ansah fully and wholly financed the cost 100% but Gosh in a statement to appreciate his sponsors, also went ahead acknowledging other people he also took monies from”.

Mr. Lartey, who described Gosh as a greedy ingrate is therefore demanding Gosh to tell the world what he did with the support from others who gave him the money of which he acknowledged because in his statement of gratitude (GOSH) expressed gratitude to not just Mr. Opare-Ansah who fully funded the trip but to some other persons whom he extorted monies from in the name of “free SHS ambassadors”.

This is how corrupt politicians develop and if left unchecked grow into a really corrupt office holder. The actions of Samuel Baah, popularly known as Gosh, bring the name of the major government flagship program, the ‘Free SHS’ into disrepute. The NPP and Suhum should wake up and rid themselves such characters before they become canckers.

So the million dollar question is, how much more did he extort from others? What did he use the money for? Who does he account to? What is the purpose of the ‘free shs ambassadors’? Who are the members? How do we verify authenticity? Has he squandered the cash? What is the Elephant fraternity doing about this? What steps is Suhum as a constituency taking to demand answers?….well, your guess is as good as mine.


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