President Nana Akufo-Addo has urged the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives to take the upcoming referendum for the election of MMDCEs seriously.

According to him, government cannot afford to fail in delivering on the campaign promise it made to the people of Ghana.

Speaking at a training programme for MMDCEs and other key staff of MMDAs on Dissolution of Assemblies and Referendum in Kumasi, the President said:

“Let us take this referendum seriously because it’s going to look very bad if the manifesto commitment by the NPP administration with a year of going to the polls cannot deliver on it. We have to deliver on it otherwise our credibility will be very much at stake in 2020 and since everyone’s position hinges on the victory of the NPP, we should be careful about jeopardizing the chances of the NPP in the elections ahead of us”,

He continued, “I have no doubt in my mind that it is a progressive step that we are taking, and that the reputation of our government and tradition for being the forefront for the reforms of the body politics of Ghana are going to be further heightened and emboldened by this step that we are taking, that whenever NPP is in office, steps are taken that modernize our nation and bring our nation to higher levels of progress, accountability and awareness”.

The referendum for the election of the Metropolitan Municipal and District Chief Executives is set to happen on December 17, 2019, as declared by the Electoral Commission.


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