The Electoral Commission of Ghana has described the allegations by the opposition National Democratic Congress as calculated and targeted at creating an erroneous impression.

The NDC, at a press conference held on Thursday, September 19, 2019 and addressed by the Chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, accused the EC of failing to provide the party copy of the 2019 voters register.

Mr. Ofosu Ampofo alleged that the ruling NPP has already been provided with a copy but in a statement signed by the Acting Director of Communications, Sylvia Annor said, the allegations were calculated and targeted at creating an erroneous impression about the EC and causing dissatisfaction between its leadership and the general public.

It said “like all other political parties,the EC would have expected the NDC to use dialogue channels open and available or other established lines of communication to address their concerns. It is unfortunate that the NDC continues to use the medium of the media to raise concerns which can easily be resolved after deliberations with the Electoral Commission”.

It further stated that “On the accusation of the EC failing to supply the NDC with a copy of the provisional voters register in contravention of Article 22(1)of C.I.91. The EC makes it clear that Article 22(1) of the C.I 91 mandates the EC to provide a copy of the provisional register to Political Parties no later than 3 months of the end of the registration exercise. For the information of the general public,the voter’s registration exercise took place from 17th June to 7th July.This means the EC has until the end of September to submit the provisional register to the NDC.This will be done before then”.

The Statement however urged all well meaning Ghanaians that it is open to constructive feedback and dialogue and encourages all to take advantage of the channels of communication and dialogue and offer constructive feedback to strengthen its operation.


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