The National Security made up of the Military, the Police and operatives of Bureaus of National Investigation (BNI ) have taken steps to counter and contained any form of terror attack.

Sources closed to the Security desk of the country pointed that, heads of the various security services that formed the National Security had a crunch meeting with religious bodies yesterday, which includes the Muslims Council, the Ghana Catholic Bishop Conference and the General Christians Council.

The necessary actions being taken by the security, according to sources followed reports that the Salafi Jihadists have killed about four people and burnt several vehicles in Burkina Faso, recently.

Early this week, the African Center for Security and Intelligence (ACSI), released a press statement warning that, the Salafi Jihadists is threatening to launch its terror attack on Ghana, with Christian Churches and Shopping Malls being their targets.

The ACSI in its release warned that it suspects that some members of the Salafi Jihadists are already in the country and asked churches to be on red alert.

It also charged the security agencies to take up the matter seriously as the group intend to cause havoc just as they did to Burkina Faso.

The Security services meeting with the religious bodies would help the churches take safety measures and sensitize the public to report any undesirable characters that maybe suspected to cause havoc.

Until recently, many churches do not have security measures in their churches, which some Security experts have encouraged them to equip their premises with CCT cameras to detect would be attackers.


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