A huge mudslide has rendered a part of the dual carriage Accra-Aburi road unsable by motorists.

Tonnes of mud collapsed from one side of the mountain and got deposited on the road close to the Ayi Mensah tollbooth following heavy rains on October 18, 2019.

The situation caused traffic as at the time of Radj news visited the scene. The situation has left motorists stranded as cars could not commute to their destinations using that part of the road.

Some of the cars had to stop temporarily, unable to make their way along the muddy road as individuals in the vicinity thronged the scene to caution motorists and help clear the sand and debris to create space for cars to move.

However Radjtv news understands NADMO officials are on the ground and are part of the team clearing the road with the hope that by midnight or tomorrow morning, the road will be opened. No casualties have been recorded.

Watch video below:


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