Radj TV introduces you to its maiden current affairs show, titled “The Ghanaian Radar – Scanning for the truth”

Have you ever wondered what the truth about issues that come up for national debate really are? As they say, every issue has 3 sides: the sides of the 2 debating parties and the truth!

Well, this is your lucky moment; the Radar is scanning the whole political spectrum on all current affairs and even sometimes conveniently past and buried issues to present you with the truth! Seek no further, search no hither; the Radar is working on your behalf. Just log on, tune in, follow us and you will be most informed about the truth in burning national issues.

The Radar uses impeccable sources and you can really rely on the excellent crew to provide you with the very best at all times! To those who peculate and plan on driving our nation on its needs, be assured the Radar will scan and expose your misdeeds!

The show is proudly produced by Princess Arita Anim and hosted by Ewuradjoa Coleman.

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Stay tuned for more exciting contents!!!.


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