Members of the Ghana Artisans Association have served notice of their intended demonstration against the government if it does not fulfill the promises made to them in the round up to the 2016 general elections.

According to the Chairman of the Association, Osei Assibey, the NPP led by President Akufo Addo, then flagbearer promised artisans in the country heaven but now giving them hell.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, August 27, 2019, Mr Osei-Assibey outlined the following reasons for the anger at the government:

1. Mechanics in the country don’t have a permanent place of work after their apprenticeship. Due to that many have been turned into squatters on people’s lands and others have become roadside mechanics. Meanwhile, the government promised them a permanent place of work;

2. 47 – 49% of mechanics have lost their jobs from 2017 to the first half of 2019 due to road constructions and other government projects;and

3. Heavy electricity bills are also forcing many artisans out of jobs and as a result of that many craftsmen in the country have now turned into ‘trotro’ drivers and collectors, including women.

Research shows that five artisans abandon their work every day. Mr Osei-Assibey indicated that, the above mentioned reasons amongst others have made artisanship in the country no longer attractive to the youth and if things remain unchanged in the next seven years, the country will lose its artisanship power.

The association said in its quest to give artisans in the country a permanent place to work, they have acquired over 300 acres of already-graded land and need the government’s support in terms of the provision of electricity, water and roads in the enclave to enable its members to move in and settle.

The Association has therefore given government,a fourteen day ultimatum to meet their demands else face their wrath.


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