Any policy of govt that is intended to alleviate the suffering of the People must be lauded and encouraged.

From the genesis of our fight against the novel Coronavirus, all of us have been advocating for social welfare measures to cushion Ghanaians.

If you read Hon Haruna Iddrisu’s letter to the Speaker 2 weeks ago, the NDC minority called on President Akufo-Addo to absorb Electricity and Water Bills for the period.

The NDC COVID-19 RESPONSE TEAM presented a proposal to Prez Akufo-Addo last week, these recommendations were included as well.

H.E JOHN DRAMANI MAHAMA has also used every opportunity to call on the government to absorb utility tariffs and increase the salaries of health workers as an incentive.

We were advocating for these reliefs because we believe it was the right thing for the government to do.

Now that President Akufo-Addo has responded to the calls, albeit partially, I believe we should applaud the government and demand that more be done.

Indeed, it is only the sitting government that can execute these policies, opposition parties will DO THE THINKING & PROJECT their proposals BUT it is only the government that has access to the state coffers to do the implementation.

The NDC will continue THINKING through the best alternatives & push the government to do the right thing.

My humble appeal is that, in the distribution of the relief items, the government should ensure that the well-deserving people benefit and not just party delegates as it is being done by one Darkoa Newman in the Okaikoi South Constituency, where items from first Lady’s office are being shared to only NPP POLLING station executives. Very Shameful.

Lastly, I call on the government to absorb ELECTRICITY TARIFFS too. It is actually more expensive and likely to even increase more since we are all home..even Togo has been able to do it, we can too….

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana…


Edem Agbana


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